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You Do Care, You Just Don’t Know It.

NAPA, PennzOil, Interstate, Jasper, etc. – there’s a reason we use their products.

This time of year the sales people come out of the wood work and try to drum up new business. Parts jobbers sell their wares cheaper. The oil distributors sell their product cheaper. I can go on and on with the sales people that stop in. It’s their misconception that our guests (customers) don’t care what product we put in their vehicle. At that point I stop them and explain to them that that’s not true at all. Although most people don’t think about the quality of the parts that go into their vehicle, they rely on our judgment, and we take that job very seriously. It’s not a matter of having high quality parts and fluids, you also must have the proper fluids. In this time of economic uncertainty as a business owner we still need and do keep our standards high. That’s why we have only the highest quality brands in stock.

Sometimes compliments come about in strange ways. Our Jasper Engines and Transmissions sales rep came in one afternoon with a short video presentation on using the right oil for the right car, they’re having some problems with the wrong oil being installed in their products that are causing problems, but he said me, “This doesn’t really pertain to you guys.” – i.e. It’s not an issue for us because we always use the best quality/recommended fluid. That’s one of the nicest things anybody ever said to me! Thanks!


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