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Do You Need A Battery

Batteries are a huge part of modern life. Think of how many battery chargers you have.

Of course, our purpose here is to talk about your car battery. When people come into Werley’s Auto Service Center and need a new battery, they’re really not that happy about having to spend the money. But the fact is that 70 percent of batteries don’t make it for 4 years.

There are some things that you can do to extend the life of your battery. First, keep it clean. If you see it getting dirty or greasy, let us know at Werley’s Auto Service Center and we can clean it off. A dirty battery runs hotter, and that shortens its life. If your battery terminals are corroded, let us take a look at that, too. We can clean them, and if the corrosion has gotten into the battery cables, we can replace them.

Also, running your battery way down is bad for it. Things, like running the headlights or watching a DVD player with the car, turned off can deeply deplete your battery. The typical battery can only take about 10 of those deep cycle depletions before it gives up the ghost.

Because we often take short trips around Leesport with lots of stops for errands, our batteries can end up not getting fully recharged just by driving around. That also shortens battery life. You can hook up a good quality automatic battery charger at home from time to time. We recommend charging once a month during hot months and every three months during cold months.

Now when it’s finally time to get a new battery, we can help you find the right replacement. We’ll always make sure to meet your manufacturer’s recommendations. If you have special needs, like live in a very cold climate or run a lot of electrical accessories, we can look at an upgrade that’ll give you the power you need.

Give us a call.

Lanny Werley.

I Didn’t Know That!

I didn’t know that when one of our guests (customer) came in and said, “We just traded our car in and did you know we were offered a better trade-in value because of your shop?” At first I thought it was the very good shape the car was in. It’s a fact, a vehicle well maintained is worth more, but how do you know it’s maintained? The best way is CARFAX. We have been associated with CARFAX for quite a while. Every night they download the repairs and maintenance we did that day on your vehicle. So when they came in to thank us for keeping the value of the car higher with our great service and for using CARFAX, I said “I didn’t know that!”

You Do Care, You Just Don’t Know It.

NAPA, PennzOil, Interstate, Jasper, etc. – there’s a reason we use their products.

This time of year the sales people come out of the wood work and try to drum up new business. Parts jobbers sell their wares cheaper. The oil distributors sell their product cheaper. I can go on and on with the sales people that stop in. It’s their misconception that our guests (customers) don’t care what product we put in their vehicle. At that point I stop them and explain to them that that’s not true at all. Although most people don’t think about the quality of the parts that go into their vehicle, they rely on our judgment, and we take that job very seriously. It’s not a matter of having high quality parts and fluids, you also must have the proper fluids. In this time of economic uncertainty as a business owner we still need and do keep our standards high. That’s why we have only the highest quality brands in stock.

Sometimes compliments come about in strange ways. Our Jasper Engines and Transmissions sales rep came in one afternoon with a short video presentation on using the right oil for the right car, they’re having some problems with the wrong oil being installed in their products that are causing problems, but he said me, “This doesn’t really pertain to you guys.” – i.e. It’s not an issue for us because we always use the best quality/recommended fluid. That’s one of the nicest things anybody ever said to me! Thanks!

Tow Truck Maintenance

You might be thinking at this point, why would I care about the maintenance of a tow truck. It’s not about that. It’s about you needing a coolant exchange, you needing a trans fluid exchange, Timing belt, air filter, and so on. Fluids break down, You change your motor oil every 3000-5000 miles, so you need to change the other fluids before they break down. Timing belts, drive belt tensioners, and drive belts all deteriorate over time and need to be replaced. Too many customers would like to have the maintenance done when there’s a problem, but it’s too late at that point for maintenance, now it’s time for repair! What we call Tow Truck Maintenance is when you have to tow it in to the shop for repair but now not only is the timing belt broken, now the valves are bent. The trans fluid not only needs to be replaced but also the transmission! Brake fluid has absorbed so much moisture it has now rusted through the brake lines! Tow Truck Maintenance also increases the repair costs 4 to 5 times more expensive. In the case of the transmission the price can increase up to 30 times. just something to think about if you’re thinking about doing TOW TRUCK MAINTENANCE.

We sure are a Fabulous Service Center!

There’s an old saying, if you don’t pat yourself on the back, no one else will. Well, that’s not true at all. With our very large customer base we receive a pat on the back quite often. With that said I’ll move on. Every year at Christmas time when I dig out the old lights and ornaments, I always come across the numerous awards we’ve received year after year dating back into the 1940’s through to the present and I start to think how long our family has provided this Fabulous Service and what it takes to get up every morning to work at the same place since 1939. The amazing thing in my mind is we know most of our customers by their first name. Payment comes in all forms. The best feeling I have at the end of the day is when the customers (or guests as we call them) say thank you for a job well done! So, if you don’t pat yourself on the back nobody else will? Well, that’s not exactly true.


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